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Financial Literacy must be taught at Elementary Schools

Our Youngest Entrephilanthropist

Today's financial challenges are a testimonial to a growing need for specific education as more and more families and individuals become victims of their financial illiteracy. Such challenges are among major causes of bankruptcies, foreclosures, divorces, homelessness and even suicide in some cases.

While monetary issues seem to be the main source of such hardships, the root cause can be traced back to lack of character development in individuals. In response to this need, Mind Treasures has developed a unique curriculum "ABCs of Wealth" that combines character development with financial literacy, in order to raise an Entrephilanthropic generation that is mentored to become financially stable and independent, so it can use various forms of wealth (knowledge, expertise, money & time as well as physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual powers) to build and establish stronger families, neighborhoods, and a new world.

Through our programs, attendees (kindergarten through retirees) learn to build a solid foundation in 'saving, investing, sharing and spending' by developing key character traits such as patience, responsibility, moderation, thankfulness, selflessness, generosity and truthfulness. This development is complemented by learning the goal setting, decision making, borrowing and budgeting processes. Furthermore attendees learn the value and concept of money and various elements of interest, credit, basic taxes, retirement and much more.

Entrephilanthropy is act of organizing and managing any enterprise and venture usually with considerable initiative and risk to attain and accumulate various forms of wealth and resources such as knowledge, expertise, money, and time as well as physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual powers for the purposes of altruistic concerns for human welfare and advancement, usually manifested by utilization of such resources, by endowment of institutions of learning and generosity to other socially useful purposes.